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Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Folk Custom Expo Area is a national 5A scenic spot and demonstration base for porcelain cultural tourism industry, designed to showcase Jingdezhen porcelain culture’s 1,000-year history and showcase it worldwide.


This study explored a winter air pollution episode observed during Hangzhou’s Second World Internet Conference using Weather Research and Forecasting with Chemistry (WRF-Chem). Temporal variations were reproduced of O3 concentrations, CO, NOx and non-methane hydrocarbons during an episode in Hangzhou; transport of pollutants from northern cities contributed significantly to elevated O3 levels in Hangzhou. As emission control measures were implemented, O3 production moved from mixed VOC-NOx regime to NOx-limited regime, while urban site Zhaohui experienced higher O3 levels than suburban and rural sites Xiasha and Qiandaohu; hence strict emission control measures can help effectively decrease regional ozone pollution.