Jessemanx (Movie Review)


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Jesse is the son of middle-class parents who abandoned him as a child and currently lives at his aunt Ginny’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico which belongs to both of his parents. To cope with Jane’s father’s death – an aircraft flight controller who caused a midair collision when distraught over an approaching airplane caused an inadvertent midair collision due to his discomfiture – Jesse and Jane use heroin together, eventually leading them into drug deals gone awry resulting in costing Walt his share of $1.2 million deal and Jesse then spends time in rehab under counsellor’s advice in order to accept himself as being bad guy himself.

Jesse convinces Gus Fring to renew their partnership by agreeing to cook larger amounts of meth at his underground “superlab”. Jesse and Walt work to manufacture and deliver drugs together, until Tuco kills himself at a gas station destroying their first batch. When Walt attempted to bribe Gus with money he accidentally gave him a LoJack that tracks his vehicle forcing him into hiding at home.

Jesse uses his superlab to host perpetual drug raves at his house and begins stealing meth from Gus’ stash when not busy at his lab. Jesse considers using ricin poison in Gus’ coffee, but decided against it because of potential side-effects on others as well as himself.