Im_Jasmine’s Trip to Japan Was Not So Pleasant

Im_Jasmine is a well-known Twitch star and YouTuber known for her “IRL” vlogs on both platforms, garnering significant followings on both. Although she enjoys traveling, her recent trip to Japan proved less than pleasant when strangers constantly harassed and stalked her during her journey.

She recently posted her experience to her channel in an online video, showing it. While walking in Tokyo’s streets, a stranger approached and tried inappropriately touching her; even following her into an elevator she was terrified by him and needed to close the door immediately to make it home safely.

According to her, this was the second time someone approached her while streaming in Japan, and it made her uncomfortable being alone while broadcasting live streams from street corners. In another stream she had addressed this topic and believes it is not safe to do it alone on public streets while streaming.

Even through difficult experiences, she remains positive and remains determined to find happiness despite obstacles. She has many fans that support her, which makes her eternally thankful for their love and support.

Jasmine Vo, known by her online handle Im_Jasmine, began streaming since November 2020 on both YouTube and Twitch. Since then she has amassed more than 240,000 subscribers between both platforms; her December 2020 vlog “IRL OR NO IRL TOKYO JAPAN” has received over 301,000 views alone!