How to Stop Pervs From Harassing Teenagers in Chat Rooms

As a woman online, receiving unwanted sexually-charged messages can often be considered part of life on the Internet. While such harassment can be disconcerting and annoying, most platforms provide mechanisms to block offfenders or report them for reporting purposes.

Mia Matsumiya, a musician from Los Angeles has come up with an effective solution to take down perverts and bring their behavior into the light.

Matsumiya created an Instagram account called ‘Perv Chat’ where she documents all of the negative comments she receives about early to mid teen girls she knows, most often targeting Matsumiya herself and the band PJ Magnet members in general. Matsumiya hopes that through Perv Chat people may feel uncomfortable reading these offensive texts just like she does when reading them for themselves.

But closing chat rooms won’t stop children being abused; it will simply force them into using more obscure and harder to find ones. As we know, most children who are being groomed online are doing so by those they trust such as family or friends – not strangers in chat rooms.