Hottgirlginger is a girlblogger who enjoys posting under various pseudonyms such as Chanel Milk 444, Sullen Fawn333 and Lolita on her blog and Instagram feed respectively. Additionally, she regularly tags photos with words such as waif, heroin chic, my year of rest and relaxation or lolita to show the variety of people featured therein. Hottgirlginger also appreciates Vogue’s Beauty Secret videos in which professional models walk us through their skincare and makeup regimens while sitting seated at hotel vanities – she watches those regularly too.

Girlblogging’s powerful imagery conjures images from another time when social media was young and innocent – when socialites weren’t quite the cultural icons they are today; dreamgirls and secret angels would blow kisses over Chanel ballet flats and woozy thigh gaps: an idyllic vision that only existed at a time before Instagram filters had taken over fast fashion and Amazon shopping online fast fashion retail malls had not yet become obsolete.

Girlbloggers use Instagram as a visual diary, exchanging advice about where and how to shop, style their outfits, food diaries and workout videos from models with bodies worth talking about. Girlbloggers embrace beauty as an inner strength that’s easy and accessible way to improve oneself–but most importantly feel better about themselves; girlblogging becomes addictive due to this self-esteem boost; just as much so as when strangers approach and ask her out!