Hismith Premium Review

Hismith Premium

Hismith Premium sex machines provide sturdy yet premium experience when held, look great, work smoothly, and offer additional features for fun. Available with various attachments to fit different sexes and easy cleaning features; can even be used with Fleshlights and additional accessories such as rods for deeper penetration or Dildo adapters for maximum compatibility!

Hismith Premium can be controlled using its two simple button remote, mobile app or speed dial on the machine itself. The app offers long distance play as it can be given to another person who can then use the machine remotely even without being in the same room.

With this app, you can choose either built-in or DIY modes and change your thrust pattern as desired. Furthermore, the customizable dildo and rods offer even greater variety for satisfying experiences in different positions – including mouth sex!

The Hismith Premium comes complete with a carry case designed for travel and long-term storage, a manual, large allen key, sample bottle of lubricant, USB cord, control unit and remote control. It comes equipped with silicone dildo that can be swapped out with an enema style version as well as other Hismith models; plus its KlicLok connector system provides durable yet simple use once learned.