Hiddenr0se Chaturbate Rules

Chaturbate is one of the premier cam sites to model on, yet is notorious for being an active ban happy community, frequently banning both newcomers and experienced models alike. If you want to avoid being banned by Chaturbate altogether, make sure that you understand its rules for models as outlined by its creators – this way avoiding being banned altogether will become much simpler!

No rape roleplay – You cannot participate in or encourage users to engage in any rape roleplay, violence, bloodshed, pain or asphyxiation simulations or perform any dirty shows that use your camera for illegal or unsafe uses, such as drugs/alcohol consumption, menstruation vomiting feces urine etc.

Other things you shouldn’t do on Chaturbate include organizing prostitution/escort services, advertising your real life business on the website, breaking any of its rules (logging into other accounts or spamming other webcam sites ) or organizing prostitution/escort services; organizing prostitution/escort services on Chaturbate without authorization from their founder; spamming other webcam sites with unwanted advertisements and using other people’s accounts without their permission and spamming other webcam sites with irrelevant advertisements – doing these acts could get you banned so if you want to make sure your webcam model career runs smoothly – follow all these tips!