Gianna Dior Bio

Gianna Dior Bio

Gianna Dior Bio is an American pornographic film actress and erotic model, who began her adult film career in 2018. To date she has appeared in over 500 movies and videos. Gianna stands out with her vibrant brown complexion with big, perky titbits, hourglass figure with an attractive waistline, shapely butts and perky perms.

Gianna is an effortlessly sensual performer who knows exactly how to captivate her audiences with her sensuous performances. Fans appreciate her passion and dedication towards her industry endeavors; as evidenced by winning the AVN award for Best New Starlet in 2022.

Gianna enjoys modeling and maintaining an active social media following. Additionally, she’s an excellent cook who takes care in maintaining her appearance; in her free time she plays sports with friends or attends social gatherings.

Gianna is blessed to be part of an extremely supportive family and she’s grateful for all the opportunities in life she’s been given so far. She plans on working hard in order to earn more recognition in her lifetime.

Gianna Dior was born in 1997 to parents of mixed Native American and Italian descent in Andover, Minnesota and attended high school there. Her large family included two sister models who also make their living modeling. Both her parents were involved with military service at one point or another providing lots of support from her extended family as she strived to find happiness throughout her life. Her goal in life was simply being happy.