Gabbi_I Fundraiser

Gabbi_I is a two-time Emmy Award-Winning makeup artist specializing in natural looking beauty and wellness for film. She has worked on numerous red carpets, fashion campaigns and red carpet events with brands like Burberry, Tom Ford and Chanel.

Kaitlin Christine was inspired to launch Gabbi following the death of her mother from late-stage breast cancer in 2013. Her mom carried a fatal mutation of BRCA1 and underwent four types of screening tests before finally discovering her tumor, too late. Christine dedicated years specializing in hereditary cancer at leading healthcare companies before creating Gabbi as a way of providing women with tools they needed to understand their risk and receive timely care.

After taking the Gabbi Risk Assessment, patients will be connected with a specialist who will create a personalized care plan tailored to them. The plan will outline which screenings they need and when; additionally, Gabbi clinicians can connect patients to in-network providers and arrange appointments when needed; additionally they’ll help advocate for their PCP/OBGYN’s approval to get screenings prescribed as well as coordinate appointments across providers when necessary.

The team has already raised $4.4 million for their tool that assesses a woman’s risk of cancer and provides her with a health action plan, designed to assess risk. The funds will go toward further developing this product as well as expanding their eight-person team.