Euphoriha – A Snazzy Technicolor Soap Opera

Euphoriha, HBO’s second season soap opera on the trials and triumphs of suburban California teenagers, is quickly becoming one of their most-watched shows. Sam Levinson’s show is notable for creating an immersive world that feels real despite its surreality; think glitter-covered Grand Guignol with hip-hop and torch ballad scores! Teen dramas captivate by presenting a world largely devoid of adult supervision, where we see flaccid penises alongside erect ones, bathroom coitus scenes involving coitus pillows and smoke from crack-smoking girls, aggressive pillow pushers pushing against one another aggressively, as well as near overdoses that were stopped through adding Adderall snortings.

The series tackles several complex themes, such as drug addiction, sexuality and violence. Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweney and Kat are its central protagonists; it follows them throughout their lives.

Euphoriha has garnered much acclaim, with some teachers using the show in classrooms to teach children about drug dangers. Euphoriha stands out in that its lead character, Jules, is played by an LGBTQ actress – an impressive representation for diversity on screen!

Euphoria, in Latin, translates to “state of exaltation” or “great joy.” The show is inspired by Safe In Heaven from Israel that first aired in the early twenty-tens. Euphoriha is produced by HBO and stars Zendaya, Sydney Sweney, and Hunter Schafer.