Dreiaboy’s Hot Takes on My Hero Academia

Dreiaboy is an expert typist by day and an avid cartoon watcher by night, sharing his unique opinions about animation styles with everyone on his blog. If you need some new inspiration, take a look!

While much of My Hero Academia fan art focuses on heroes fighting villains in dangerous scenarios, Instagram user @delusional_lune’s piece remains true to Kohei Horikoshi’s winter-inspired style with Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki ready for classes – three iconic faces from Kohei Horikoshi’s original design – depicting life-or-death situations rather than leisure activities like school.

This adorable and creative way of showing your appreciation for My Hero Academia characters is sure to get their fans talking! Tumblr user t_nova (@supernov_art on Twitter) perfectly captured Deku’s childhood admiration and admiration of All Might in this GIF by Tumblr user t_nova (@supernov_art on Twitter). As a child he owned his own All Might action figure and loved watching videos featuring All Might saving the day; this GIF serves as an adorable reminder even as Deku faces his own trials and tribulations personally.

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