Does Sex With a Succubus Leave You With a Curse?

A succubus is a mythical female demon who appears in female form to seduce men through sexual activity; her male equivalent is known as an incubus. These supernatural beings play an integral part in folklore and horror stories alike; some believe they provide supernatural explanations for sleep paralysis or hallucinations caused by sleep paralysis and/or hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations.

Many believe that having sexual encounters with Succubuses will leave them with some sort of curse, often leading to bad physical and mental health, even death. Is this really the case? Several pieces of evidence support such claims.

Succuba has long been an influential force within her cult, known for her fiery temper and unfailing loyalty. She relishes in inflicting discomfort upon those around her, even if it means pain infliction along the way.

Though she appears beautiful, that’s only her exterior. A Succubus is an immortal demon who roams the world looking for men with whom to have sex. They’re known for transforming to appear like any woman they desire and can even sport clawed hands or dark wings on their back. While most men will tell you they had an enjoyable dream experience with one, those are likely false leads.