Deedeedoll, inspired by Deedee from “Barbie and the Rockers”, is a doll based on her character from that show. Deedee loves rocking out with her friends, always ready for new adventures! Deedeedoll has amassed quite an audience and can often be found attending pop culture events like conventions and concerts; her fans include pop artists such as Mandark who illustrated Ratman (a diminutive vigilante who was raised by rats as an analogy for Batman). Additionally, Deededeedoll also stars in her own comic book series written by Mandark with Ratman’s artwork (an ironic twist).

Dexter’s Dad challenges him to an arm wrestling match at a truck stop, prompting Dexter to create an ingenious robotic arm in order to defeat him and use it later as an advantage in a science fair competition.

Dee Dee has been told she’s too fat for ballet class, so she attempts to use an invention she created herself to shrink herself down – only it backfires, leaving her in para-giantess form! Dexter offers her a potion to restore her normal size but instead uses it on her pigtails instead!

Dexter comes up with an ingenious solution when Dee Dee asserts that anything without her name on it belongs to her: an invisible label-making gun! Later he applies the technology to his food but produces an alien vegetable instead, leading Major Glory and Krunk to clean their apartment before Uncle Sam arrives for a visit.