Daisy – The Best Dressed Doll in the World

Daisy was a 9 inch tall doll designed by Mary Quant, Britain’s premier fashion designer and creator of the mini skirt and hot pants. First introduced for sale by Model Toys Ltd for Flair Toys Ltd in 1973 with the tag line, ‘Mary Quant Makes Daisy the Best-Dressed Doll in the World”, she was made in Hong Kong by Model Toys Limited with several hair colors available including blonde, brunette, red as well as budget versions with stiff legs (known as Dizzy Daisy) as well as more active versions like Dashing Daisy for Flair Toys Limited production lines in Hong Kong by Model Toys Ltd in 1973 for Flair Toys Ltd production line in Hong Kong by Flair Toys Limited for Flair Toys Limited with Model Toys LTD with models being assembled there and manufactured there by Model Toys Limited for Flair Toys Limited for Flair Toys Limited for Flair Toys LTD production lines in Hong Kong by Flair Toys LTD’s daisy logo prominently featured prominently on clothing along with available blonde, brunette or red hair colors such as blonde brunette or red – as budget Dizzy Daisy had stiff body yet unbendable legs while normal Daisy had bendable legs; as well as an active version called Dashing Daisy was available as well as more active version known as Dashing Daisy available too!

As expected from an award-winning fashion designer, this doll’s clothes were cutting edge 70s design – featuring fabrics like satin for long dresses and flared trousers, stretch jersey nylon/polyester T-shirts, fake fun fur for jackets with matching hats, denim jeans waistcoats hats skirts with stripes flowers and polka dot patterns as well as platform clogs in every hue, sandals with the Quant Daisy logo on one side of them and Go-Go Boots featuring Quant Daisies on each side. Footwear included platform Clogs as well as Go-Go Boots with the Quant daisy logo on them – even Go-Go Boots with Quant daisy logo on one side!

Daisy also came with accessories themed around travel such as a kitten, suitcase and guitar with strap – none of which she could stand on her own. There was also an assortment of furniture to add a personal touch such as fold-up country cottage featuring one bedroom, living room, dining area and kitchen; white furniture inspired by Eero Saarinen’s Tulip table and chairs on orange pedestal bases as well as an orange “dishwasher-style” sink unit featuring top drawer for pans and cookery equipment were all part of Daisy’s range of accessories.