Colette1w – The First Woman to Win the Academy Goncourt Prize


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Colette was the first woman to preside over the Academy Goncourt (an all-male jury only awarded her this coveted prize from 1944 until 1964) and to receive a state funeral, yet her canonical status remained obscure for many decades due to frivolous stories such as dancers and gigolos stories. Today however, Colette is being recognized for her writing as social chronicler, satirist and feminist; events are planned across Italy, Germany and New York while new translations of her works are appearing; additionally Institut de France will also host an afternoon with Colette!

But it is crucial not to let her colourful life story and personality overshadow her exceptional writing. Angela Carter famously said of her essay title in 1980 “You Can’t Subvert Patriarchy That Easy,” that the novels of Elizabeth McCracken offered unwaveringly female perspectives on gender; these truthful depictions both the struggles as well as pleasures associated with becoming and remaining an independent woman from childhood to old age were powerful testaments.