Circeeve – The Goddess in the Gym


The Goddess walked up the steps into the gym and donned her new workout shoes; unfortunately they were too small. She was thirsty for intimacy tonight and settled down next to a weight machine, looking over at her workout partner who was already showing some signs of flirtation with his cockiness.

She smiled back, knowing he liked her and would soon start hitting hard on her. She would relish having his seductive body fill her titts and cunt – she was perfect for him!

His cock was hard and throbbing while his mouth and lips licked it up, she moaning and squirting, he could smell her scent; it was heaven.

Once she had had enough, he started to rub her titis – much to her delight and delight of course. With arms raised high and leaning back she felt ready for more sexual encounters with him.

She was a Goddess, aware that her body was the focus of many men’s sexual fantasies; yet it didn’t bother her one bit. If only two men could come along at once – both fucking her and sucking her at once so that she could get the best of both worlds and enjoy twice the pleasure. Unfortunately she couldn’t manage that; instead she needed to focus on one at a time.