Chattino Review


Chattino is an unassuming cam site with basic capabilities that offers private shows as well as curated videos including girls, amateurs and milfs. The interface is quite user-friendly so selecting models to watch should not be an issue.

However, this site has some unique flaws. First off, its model selection can be quite limited at any given time; clicking on one only to be met with the message that she is currently offline can be very frustrating. Second of all, models may not always be properly classified – sometimes you might see your ideal girl and then find out she is gay or trans!

The Chatino are Mesoamerican Indians from southern Oaxaca state in Mexico who speak the Oto-Manguean languages spoken there. Culturally similar to their neighboring Zapotec people and belonging to Oto-Manguean language family. Primarily agricultural producers who produce maize (corn), beans, squash tomatoes and chilies for sale at local markets; Chatino people live primarily in mountainous regions forming villages around their clans.

Ethnologue classifies Chatino languages into three separate groups: Tataltepec, Zacatepec and Panixtlahuaca. A linguist named Emiliana Cruz Ramos has documented San Juan Quiahije as part of Eastern Chatino dialect and demonstrated that these three branches of language are mutually intelligible with only 80% necessary for them to qualify as one language.