Candylovet Game Review


Candylovet is a sultry young brunette who likes to have fun masturbating and using her dildo! She enjoys engaging her fans by chattering, tease-ing and flirting! Join now to access all her private photos and video as well as forge a sensual friendship!

Simply place a package of M&M’s or Skittles into a jar and give each participant the chance to read one at random; after reading his/her candy, everyone can discuss its meaning in turn – this is an effective way of relieving office stress while getting everyone talking about something positive!

The game centers on collecting illustrations–pictures that depict key moments from Candy’s life–that each episode offers as rewards. Gold collected can then be used to purchase date outfits and objective items. Furthermore, players interact with different characters throughout various scenarios that will either raise or lower Candy’s affinity towards certain people depending on the choices made; these interactions could then help her romance potential love interests during Love Life scenarios.