Buying a Sex Mat

Sex Mat

Anyone who’s experienced the chaos that ensues during sex can vouch for that fact – sex can get messy! Although it’s tempting to blame lube, vaginal secretions and other bodily fluids on either partner, there are tools available that can make post-coitus clean up less of a chore – one such tool being a sex mat – an absorbent blanket designed specifically to absorb liquids during masturbation or sex sessions – making the post coitus clean up less tedious.

There are countless sex mats on the market, but Rebecca Alvarez Story, sexual intimacy expert and CEO/co-founder of Latinx intimate care brand Bloomi, suggests finding one with an absorbent surface that seals in any moisture to avoid leakage onto surfaces such as beds and couches. She recommends looking for something with multiple layers and waterproof coating to avoid leakage onto mattresses or surfaces where you plan to use your mat. When purchasing one of these mats it should fit appropriately onto its intended use area – for instance when placing it directly over mattresses or surfaces – for optimal use of course.

If you like the classic Liberator Fascinator Throw, The Layer offers an option with more padding for maximum comfort and an absorbent surface made from Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton and eco-INSTITUT certified natural latex for extra bounce and responsiveness.

Be mindful to wash it after each use – even just for one blowjob– in order to avoid towel fuzz lingering in your vagina.