Bunnyonyx, known as Bunny for short, is a cyborg rabbit who joined Sonic and his Freedom Fighters team. At first she felt depressed upon becoming a cyborg but with help from Sonic and team she learned to embrace her abilities, including having an implanted laser weapon on her left forearm. Bunny is married to Antoine D’Coolette and they share two daughters named Sally and Nicole.

Turbo and Boo are at a water park, where Turbo attempts to catch fish while Boo tries inflating balloons. When they discover a magic wand in a souvenir shop, they use it to bring objects alive – however a leftover balloon that looks like fish grows larger and becomes an enormous threat!

Iris is an enthusiastic magician, constantly crafting remedies to assist her with her problems. Unfortunately, her friends do not possess her same abilities – Hopper and Boo frequently use their inexperience to cause mischief, creating chaos in Iris’ plans.

Boo becomes trapped inside their computer screen when his friends attempt to play a computer game together, but instead of abandoning him they attempt to find ways to retrieve him – while learning valuable lessons about trust along the way.