Blackgurlkitty Chaturbate Rules

Blackgurlkitty, a camgirl on Chaturbate with strict rules that you should abide by, will quickly issue bans if you fail to do so. She takes her rules seriously but they shouldn’t be hard for users to follow; for instance, under 18s cannot cam or use the site as consumers; otherwise they’ll be arrested under state laws for breaking them.

No Public Displays- You cannot broadcast in rooms where people other than yourself could view it, such as school rooms and libraries. Furthermore, scenes which involve public display – including Bukkake and Goatse scenes that may be illegal in some states – should also not be performed.

Do not spam/harass – While you are on camera, it is forbidden to spam real life businesses or competitor sites with ads for tips or other forms of compensation from models. Also, offline payments shouldn’t be made via this platform – any meetings between fans and models that involve cash should take place at conventions or private shows where neighbors won’t see you as much.

Do not wear any uniforms (this includes police uniforms if you’re not an actual cop). They could get you into legal trouble if someone reports you for fraud. Furthermore, under no circumstances should anyone perform while impaired – that includes alcohol and all forms of medication (legal and medicinal), performance under the influence (both alcohol and medical), showing feces or pee on camera as it’s often illegal and likely will lead to ban from Chaturbate if found out by them.