Bianca And Maxwell

Bianca_And_Maxwell is a professional actor known for her roles in film and TV series since 2010. Since 2010 she has made waves within the acting industry while making good money as annual salaries from her film appearances as well as Instagram promotions posts.

She grew up in a family of home improvement experts and learned everything there is to know about home maintenance from plumbing to carpentry – her parents gave her freedom and support so she could discover herself as an artist, making for an extraordinary childhood.

Bianca guides clients through complex business and commercial litigation matters, including class action and multidistrict proceedings as well as environmental law issues. She regularly defends manufacturers, former facility owners/operators, transportation companies and construction firms against claims brought by government agencies, environmental advocacy organizations or private plaintiff-individuals.

Bianca currently dates Damien Antwon Prince Junior whom she met midway through 2012. Together they operate their YouTube channel called Couple Reacts where they boast over 200 Million points of view on combined accounts and regularly upload videos demonstrating themselves reacting to different subjects – this has contributed greatly to their fame.