Barbie Blissbarbie


Blissbarbie embodies Hollywood glamour in her breathtaking custom floor length gown, complete with an organza bow and icicle-inspired earrings that complete her exquisite hand beaded bodice and cascading ice crystal strands from her headpiece. Real, rooted eyelashes complete her captivating appearance.

WWE star Alexa Bliss recently found herself with an unusual new friend, Lily – straight out of a horror flick! Lily boasts hard teeth glued firmly onto her face.

This film is something of a mess, featuring an uneven story that mixes elements from Shrek multiverse with various fairy tale stories all under an opaque veil of political correctness (except when it comes to fairies ).

If Barbie were attending your party, she’d choose something pink like Sparkling Barbie Bliss to match her glamorous and fun-loving nature. Here is our recipe: