Babytatiana and MAP


Babytatiana’s mother, Marjory David – a Family Nurse Practitioner serving on MAP’s mission – was delighted to learn that the antibiotics provided by MAP had cleared up the infection in her daughter and given them hope that her daughter could once more lead a happy and healthy life. It brought such relief knowing her baby could once more return home safely from hospital.

Vedic Astrology states that people born under the Moon sign Tatiana tend to be brave and optimistic by nature. While they tend to over think things at times, which could lead to heart or physical health problems. They’re great at making friends; their eyes stand out among all other facial features! These individuals tend to love doing creative pursuits such as singing or painting. Tatiana people also tend to be highly loving towards loved ones while always striving to bring joy. Finally, their generous nature enables them to help others when needed.