Asmodeoylilith (also referred to as Lilith or Lilithu) was the original demon in Eden who eventually married Satan and became one of its primary deities, inspiring mythological interpretation and influence across religions, Western culture, literature and the occult. Her character continues to shape many mythologies today – invading religions around the globe as well as literature, Western culture and even modern occult practices.

Lilith first appears in Babylonian myth around 3000 BC as a storm demon that threatened sexual and reproductive aspects of life, particularly childbirth, as well as disease, illness and death. Later she entered Jewish tradition as a nightmarish being with seductive manipulation abilities who was recognized as both mother of all demons and Dark Lady.

Lilith was expelled from Heaven due to her illicit marriage with Satan, so upon landing on Earth she beguiled numerous ancient beasts and produced the first monsters, earning her the titles “Mother of Vampires and Monsters”, while also becoming known as the creator of Turok-Han vampires – considered the original vampires.

Kabbalistic legend identifies her as the demonic counterpart to Samael in God, embodying all that was mischievous about Him. Her demonic qualities were highlighted by her cunning, deceitful, and opportunistic tendencies; always waiting for opportunities to gain power through others. She wears an elaborately woven night sky cloak carefully woven into her hair while bearing puncture wounds from when Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof pierced her with their lances; according to Talmud she can only be placated by wearing sheatfish necklaces or having sexual relations with men that is not circumcised.