Artist Profile – Traceyyrose


Traceyyrose recently garnered media attention due to alleged leaks from her OnlyFans account. While these leaks are likely fake, it’s important to remember that searching for or sharing illegal material is illegal and harmful to creators’ reputations; rather than searching for or sharing it illegally it would be much better to subscribe and support a creator in an encouraging and supportive manner that acknowledges all their hard work!

Rose utilizes various media, such as video, sculpture, photography and performance art, to explore issues ranging from the degradation of femininity and sociopolitical inequality. Utilizing an aesthetic of masquerade in her works depicting women who embody feminine archetypes such as porn star Cicciolina; Nabokov’s Lolita; Marie Antoinette of France as well as South African Saartjie Baartman who featured prominently in Europe’s popular “human zoos.”

Rose’s TKO (Technical Knockout) video from 2000 features her repeatedly punching a padded box equipped with spy cameras until it disintegrates her image, symbolising technology’s erasure of women and other marginalised groups while drawing attention to the body as an outlet of resistance and healing.