Artist and Tax Expert Hannah Cloe

Hannah Cloe’s paintings are widely recognized for their meticulous observational depictions of daily scenes, often using small fragments from everyday environments as subjects. Hannah’s style approaches hyperrealism in its rendering and her depictions of urban fixtures and studio debris have an eternal quality that transcends their everyday reality.

Hannah hails from rural North Devon but now resides in Brighton. Her love for the West Country and daily beachside walks have an enormous influence on the charming seascapes she creates.

Hannah specializes in working with creative individuals and their businesses as a tax expert, believing accessible tax education is vital for artists taking control of their finances and careers. Hannah shares her art-world savvy approach to money and taxes with audiences from Florida to Alaska through speaking engagements and podcasting for Sunlight; additionally she assists aspiring and established artist entrepreneurs develop skills through The Money Bootcamp membership program for one year and writes the Art and Money column for Hyperallergic magazine.

While she may not be discussing tax deductions, you’ll likely find her in the kitchen experimenting with low-calorie recipe hacks to keep you feeling full without compromising taste and texture (ask her about pasteis de natas!). Additionally, she has written longform content for various lifestyle and women’s websites such as House Digest and Mashed and served as senior customer care specialist for Lose It! calorie tracking app.