Apricot-Cherry Cobbler


This dish highlights the sweet tang of fresh apricots and candy-sweet cherries for an eye-catching, more vibrant take on peach cobbler, which typically appears on American menus this time of year. Local apricots from L’orticello in Washington, DC are at their prime now; their sweetness enhanced without being overwhelmed by brown sugar and vanilla additions before finished off with an irresistibly moreish topping studded with emerald pistachios for maximum impact!

If fresh apricots aren’t readily available, frozen ones will still taste wonderful. Also don’t skip out on using balsamic vinegar–this ingredient really adds depth of flavor while helping balance out the sweetness of both fruits.

At our house, we used Chinese Mormon variety apricots – more commonly referred to as Mormon apricots. These cold-hardy trees take their name from their heritage: originally hailing from China before being brought over by Mormon settlers for cultivation in mountainous regions with higher elevations. Also renowned for its juicy flesh that holds up perfectly during baking processes.

If you plan on making preserves, begin by prepping a canner or boiling water bath and sterilizing canning lids. Transfer your apricot mixture into a large saucepan and bring to a boil; continue boiling until its temperature reaches 220 degrees on a candy thermometer, or when dropping some on an icy saucer causes bubbles to appear.