Anal Glass – The Dangers of Going Too Far

Anal Glass

As sexual exploration has spread to multiple areas of life, including the anal canal, more people are turning to specialized toys like Anal Glass as part of their fantasies. A case study out of Italy highlights the risks involved when going too far: A 47-year-old man found himself at the emergency room after inserting a 3×2 glass drinking glass for sexual stimulation but then breaking it after attempting to remove it himself – leaving him unable to remove the object without professional help.

In order to avoid such an unfortunate outcome, those engaging in anal play must use only high-quality anal dilators made from body-safe materials like silicone and borosilicate glass (Pyrex). Dr. Goldstein advises beginning anal players start off small before moving up in size; and emphasizes the need for nonporous toys which won’t harbor an infection from anal secretions and fecal matter.

Anal dilators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some featuring beads for enhanced sensation. Beading should only ever be done in conjunction with quality lubricants for maximum safety and comfort.

As for materials, our anal plugs are crafted from safe borosilicate glass – similar to what lab beakers are constructed from – making them body friendly and temperature adjustable – ideal for both hot or cold play, compatible with all lubricants, naturally hygienic, resistant to odors and easy to clean before and after each use.