Amymosy – American TikTok Celebrity

Amymosy, an American TikTok celebrity with over 15.3 million followers on her account @amyywoahh, has amassed an enormous following of over 15.3 million users through her humorous videos, music snippets and exercise routines on the social media platform.

Amy grew up poor with an estranged relationship to her mother. Amy didn’t consider her an adequate parent due to the smoking and pill popping, and felt neglected by her when in need. Amy returned to Oz during the Yellow Brick War only to discover her mother has changed, no longer smoking or popping pills and living a much happier lifestyle with a new partner and an attractive apartment.

Amy quickly becomes evident during the series as possessing special powers. Amy can use magic, having formed an inextricable link with Dorothy’s Silver Slippers; Dorothy can detect Amy whenever she wears them; additionally she is capable of summoning an enchanted knife and may possess some form of pyrokinesis.

Amy is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, being able to defeat both Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion during their encounters. Additionally, Amy was trained as an assassin by the Order. Amy initially disliked Nox due to his sarcasm, yet over time they became close enough that in book four (The End of Oz), Nox scolded Amy after they kissed for which Nox later apologized profusely.