Amazing Lexii Album Review

Amazing Lexii tells the tale of a young rapper who was on track for great things when her tragic death struck, leaving local radio hosts like Auggie 5000 from Go Radio reeling with grief over Alexis Alijai Lynch (better known by her stage name Lexii Alijai) being gone at just 21.

Family members confirmed her passing via social media posts today on New Year’s Day. Lynch made headlines as a rapper thanks to viral clips showing her rapping over Drake and other top songs before dropping out of high school to focus on her craft full time. At sixteen, she released her debut mixtape “Joseph’s Coat”, followed by two more albums (“Growing Pains” and “Joseph’s Coat”, both featuring collaboration with Kehlani as well as opening for artists such as Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti at Soundset” in Minneapolis.

Although its production quality may not have been top notch, Lexii’s album is amazing. This basic crunkcore offering boasts heavy beats and thick basslines as well as screaming raps with punchy lyrics that pack an emotional wallop – she exposes her inner demons on display, including songs about cutting wrists.

Included within it is a powerful critique of the toxic side of internet and social media culture; specifically the desire for likes, which leads people to engage in behavior for attention only. It’s an arduous but thought provoking piece which will stay with you long after its conclusion.