Ally_2019 – All About Accessibility at GVSU


2019 has come and gone, but if you were an effective progressive/progressive/anti-racist/ally in 2018, and you acted the same way, it’s clear you have some work ahead. Feminism in 2018 isn’t what it used to be, nor is the status of Indigenous issues or the Black Lives Matter movement what it once was.

Join GVSU’s Blackboard Ally team this month as they host Ally_2019, an interactive series of accessibility workshops across campus. Discover how Ally can assist instructors with supporting students with disabilities by providing alternative formats and feedback for their content.

Ally_2019 is open to members and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and veterans – active duty members, reserve members, retired service members as well as retired members – who serve or have served with honor in any capacity, whether active duty, reserve duty or retired from service. Military attendees will receive free admission as part of Dow VETerans DEN on Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club’s 18th hole; here they can enjoy premium viewing, food & beverages plus access to exclusive activities designed specifically for allied guests!