Ageplay Dirty Talk – What You Need to Know

Ageplay Dirty Talk

Ageplay Dirty Talk: What You Should Know

Coming out as interested in age play may be daunting, yet as with any interest or hobby it is key that both parties involved communicate their preferences to one another in order to discover new scenes safely and consentily.

Ageplay is an extraordinary fetish that allows individuals to act out a different age range than they biologically belong. This may take many forms, with caregivers generally playing with “littles”, doing activities associated with that age range such as dressing up in baby clothes or toys, attending tea parties or engaging in sexual play – though some forms aren’t sexual. Individuals interested in ageplay may do it for various reasons–anything from wanting an escape from adult life’s stresses to simply wanting the bliss of regression!

Some common forms of age play include Daddy Dom/Little, Mommy Dom/Little and Big Brother/Little Sister relationships; however, people can also enjoy age play in other dynamic configurations (including switches and middles) at the same time; it is even entirely possible for one individual to engage in multiple types of age play at once!

Communication and consent are integral elements of age play. You and your partner should always exchange any relevant medical concerns, use safe words where necessary, and prioritize both people’s safety throughout every play scenario. In addition, before engaging in any scene it would be prudent to research different age play dynamics to ensure you are comfortable exploring them as part of an age play dynamic.