Adamxlee – Straight Bro Next Door NO PPV

Adamxlee kicked off the chaotic 1990s by staging Storm Rave, an illegal rave without police or paramedic help that almost succeeded.

Bones and Adam had already changed names multiple times, becoming Frankie and Ven before finally becoming Adam X, but their hearts remained the same. Both men were strivers, looking beyond their perceived limitations to achieve something greater – that meant venturing beyond their dead-end block to see a city full of possibilities like Kraftwerk’s Man Machine Music that traveled from Germany through highways of Detroit and Brooklyn subway systems to reach them all.

Adam purchased turntables, four crates of records and speakers before loading them into a train track work cart and pushing it first from behind a junkyard in Canarsie to an abandoned masonry yard a couple miles down the tracks. Adam played faster industrial electronic Man Machine Music that kept trains moving along Franklin Street and rocked meatpacking district clubs until late into the night. The party continued for hours.

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